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Child Care experts with 25 Years Nanny industry experience and 5 years of Nanny placement expertise.

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"Cares for the Nannies you hire"
The International Nanny Desk are the Child Care experts with 25 Years Nanny industry experience and 5 years of Nanny placement expertise.

We are an agency who truly cares about their Nannies and Clients. We thrive on creating lasting relationships with our Clients and particularly the Nannies we place. So often the latter is overlooked and can lead to the “wrong fit” and nannies feeling under valued.

We respect the fact that our Nannies are professionals and that they also represent our Agency and our clients. Therefore we do all we can to show how much they are appreciated. One way is by sourcing and providing ongoing professional development through training days and events, and by welcoming further training for the Agency staff also.

To give our nannies the best employment opportunities we work and promote our services globally. Networking is key to success, therefore you will notice the International Nanny Desk represented at Nanny events globally and working in co-operation with other Agencies to create the widest selection of employment opportunities possible for our Nannies.

When a Nanny is placed by our Agency we guarantee to follow up that placement with them and the Client and are available to answer any queries or concerns throughout the probation period.

We understand that the first few weeks of any placement with a new family is often a “teething period” and that the Nanny and the family will be getting used to each other during this time. We realise that occasionally small differences can arise initially and we are on hand to support and advise our Nannies and Clients during this crucial time.

From personal experience over decades of working in private households we know first hand how important it is to get the “right fit” between Employer and Nanny. We never compromise and are not happy to put any one of our Nannies in to a role simply to fill the position. There is an extensive matching process, and by doing this our aim is to place Nannies who build long lasting relationships with their work families.

Our aim is to have respected happy Nannies and we encourage our Clients to really look after our Nannies. We know first hand that a small gesture can mean so much to a hard working Nanny, just as it can from the Nanny to her Employer and so we encourage a mutually respectful working environment.