Please check our FB page regularly for updated vacancies.

It is appreciated if you can update us regularly via email. ( Updated CV’s, training certificates, change of employment status).

The easiest way to be put forward for a position is to register your interest in the comments below the FB post.

Referral Bonus

If you tag your nanny friends(who is not currently registered with us)in one of our FB vacancy posts and one of them successfully secures that post you will receive a £££ thank you!! (Once they have successfully completed their first 6 months) in that position, you will receive a £100 gift voucher of your choice!!

2nd Bonus Opportunity

The Nanny who is registered with International nanny Desk and shares the most of our FB posts in any month will have a £10 gift voucher of their choice OR they can choose to receive a bottle of Prosecco by post!!

hmmm decisions……..