Client Enquiry

Next steps

Once you have sent us your initial enquiry you can expect the next steps….

  1. You will receive a reply from us via email in the first instance to confirm receipt of your enquiry and to assure you that you will be contacted by phone within 2 working days. Often this is much sooner.
  2. We call you to have an in depth chat to gain as much information as we can so that we can utilise this to find the perfect match candidate wise for you. We complete your registration document using this information to save you time.
  3. You will then receive a copy of our terms and conditions via email. We ask that once you have read them you send us an email stating that you have read our terms and conditions and are in agreement with them, and that you instruct us to commence our search for your employee. We can only start our search once we have received the above in writing from you and that will serve as the contract between yourself and the agency.
  4. We then commence our search for the perfect candidate for you, and you can expect to be sent profiles of up to 3 candidates for you to consider. You let us know which of the candidates you would like to offer an interview to. Most clients prefer to do a telephone interview in the first instance, to be followed up by a face to face 2nd interview in your home. However this is entirely up to you and you may want to meet the candidate at your home for the first interview also. Please be aware that you may be asked to reimburse the candidates interview travel expenses.
  5. When you decide which candidate is the right fit for your family you make an offer of employment and will receive an  invoiced for the placement fee. Please note that the candidate is only permitted to commence employment with you once the placement fee has been settled in full.
  6. You welcome your new employee into your family.