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Introducing Island Nanny Desk. The most professional, reliable Nanny and Baby-Sitting service in Bermuda.

  • They place Nannies and Baby-Sitters island wide.
  • Need that date night? Call them now to book a Sitter.
  • Looking for professional full time Child Care in your home? Then look no further.
  • Just in the need of a Nanny or Sitter now and then? Make use of their ad hoc service.
  • New baby? You can book their qualified, experienced Maternity Nurse to help you through the first stages of Parenthood.
  • Have a business trip to go on? Book a Proxy Parent to care for your children in the comfort of their own home.
  • Does your baby struggle at night? Island Nanny Desk can send our baby sleep trainer to you.
  • Going on holiday and need an extra pair of hands? Help is just one call away.
  • Whatever your Nanny/Sitter requirements Island Nanny Desk can offer you a bespoke service.
  • Short notice bookings possible!

All their Nannies and Sitters are Police checked for your peace of mind.

Island Nanny Desk sets themselves apart from the rest and has a unique part to their Nanny finder service that you won’t find anywhere else! The “Nanny Bridge Service”. If a Client is looking for their next Nanny and there is a gap until they can find their next Nanny, then Island Nanny Desk can send in a “Bridge Nanny”. This Nanny bridges the gap by providing Temporary Nanny care for your family. The unique part of this service however is that the Bridge Nanny is retained not only until your secure your next Nanny but also for the first 1 or 2 weeks to provide a hand over service to the next Nanny! This is invaluable as the new Nanny gets shown the ropes of their new job by the person who has been caring for the children daily. Parents then do not need to take precious time off work to be with the new Nanny as the Bridge Nanny does the induction and shows the new Nanny the ropes. This could include feeding and sleeping routines for babies and school runs and how to get to the after school activities for school aged children, to tips on what are the children’s likes and dislikes food wise, favourite activities, to how the parents like the handover routine to be at the end of the day and what the house rules are.

The Nanny Bridge service really does do more than simply bridge the gap but is an invaluable new Nanny induction also, whilst taking all the time and pressure off the parents.

If a Client has chosen the Bridge Nanny service because Island Nanny Desk is also finding them their new  long term Nanny then this gives the Client extra peace of mind knowing that the Bridge Nanny will be ensuring that details of the job and how they are to be performed will not only been passed on but also observed and assessed on behalf of IND by the Bridge Nanny during that first week or two.

Island Nanny Desk utilises their 25 years industry expertise to source and place the right Nanny to each family. The Placement Manager is an internationally highly esteemed Nanny and Maternity Nurse. Her Clients have included Barons, Super Models, Doctors, Hoteliers, Farmers, Private Bankers and Financiers, Architects, Lawyers and Oil Tycoons. Having also been a Nanny in Bermuda she understands the unique Client demographics here and has the knowledge necessary to make lasting Client/Nanny relationships.

She is super passionate about raising Nanny industry standards and is a member of ANA (The Association of Nanny Agencies) who have tight membership rules and regulations to ensure that an agency is operating correctly. Also and INA (International Nanny Association) member.

Island Nanny Desk carries out thorough background checks on all applicants for the Clients peace of mind. They also have tight regulations in place for their Baby-Sitters, which include not only a Police check and First Aid/CPR but all of their Baby-Sitters have to attend a Baby-Sitting workshop created by the Placement Manager exclusively for Island Nanny Desk. This ensures that all their Baby-Sitters are working in accordance to their extremely high professional standards.

Just some of the topics covered in the workshop are: Safety, Confidentiality, Discipline, Risk Assessing, and House Rules.

IND also works with SCARS to offer free SCARS training to all their Nannies and Baby-Sitters, again safeguarding the children in their care.

Their sister company in the UK-International Nanny Desk have always maintained their promise to raise industry standards and do this by creating and providing their own Nanny CPD events. The one they organised in September 2018 in Gatwick was a great success and more are planned.             Island Nanny Desk will also be creating CPD opportunities for Nannies and other Child Carers here in Bermuda to help them to keep updating their knowledge and skills set. Parents can also keep their eyes out for workshops created by IND especially for them very soon.

So, if it is an evening’s Baby-Sitting you require, or half a day to go and play golf, to have a spa day, or you are in the need of Temporary or Long Term Child Care then there is only one company you need. Island Nanny Desk.

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