Terms and Conditions – Candidates

Candidates (Nannies, Tutors, Maternity Nurse, Governors, Doulas, Governesses, Baby-Sitters and any person we seek employment for) are strictly never permitted to give or disclose any of their contact details to our clients, even at interview stage. This covers all forms of communication including phone numbers, email addresses, and any social media and/or messaging accounts.

When placed in a position by us you must inform us immediately of any problems that arise in the workplace so that we can keep a record of it and intervene on your behalf if and when absolutely necessary.

You are also required to keep us up to date with any changes in your circumstances. (Home address, contact details, DBS information, medical conditions/health, driving licence/penalty points, ongoing training and certificates.)

All communication is strictly between the Client and the Agency. We will inform you (the Candidate) of any further trial days, interviews and offers of employment.

Should we (The Agency) place you on a Trial Day you must also strictly adhere to these conditions.

There is never a reason for a Client to contact you directly until you are in their employ. Therefore if a Client asks for your contact details, this is not permitted and you must decline and refer them back to the Agency.

Any Candidates or Clients found to be disclosing their contact details will no longer be able to use the services of International Nanny Desk and will be removed from our books. You must also inform the Agency immediately.

It is strictly prohibited for a Candidate to introduce another Candidate to any of our Clients at any time. This would result in instant dismissal from our Agency and other Agencies nationwide will also be informed of this.

By registering with us you confirm that you have no unspent criminal convictions and agree to provide us with evidence of an up to date DBS check.

If you are unsuccessful in gaining a position you have interviewed for through International Nanny Desk and/or de-register with us you agree that you are prohibited from approaching that Client and any of our Clients (by any means of contact) for 12 months from the interview date.

You agree that International nanny Desk accepts no liability whatsoever and can not be held responsible to our Candidates in any way. This includes (but is not limited to), Loss of employment or earnings, injury or injury resulting in death, defamation of character. This also extends (but is not limited to), the Candidate, their Employers, their Employers children and other family members, Other Employees of the Employer, Other children in the temporary care of the Candidate.

You will find our Privacy Policy here.  You are I agree that you have read this.

We as a business must have strict Terms and Conditions but please be assured that we are a very approachable agency and want to get to know our Candidates so please feel free to call anytime just for a chat 🙂  We can call usually call you straight back if that helps.

Lastly, thank you so much for choosing International Nanny Desk to work on your behalf and be assured that we

“Care for the Nannies you hire”.

Signed by the Candidate:

Date Updated: 12/05/2018.